Music Services

I can offer high quality transcription of hand-written scores into Sibelius format, high quality laser printing of transcribed scores and parts at very competitive rates. Some examples are given below. I do not hold any copyright in the finished scores or parts, but I retain the rights to the typesetting of the score and parts.

My set-up fees are very reasonable and I will keep a permanent copy of your score should you require any more parts at a later date (2.50 per part).

My service includes the following:

Creation of a full score and/or a full set of parts for any ensemble from a hand-written, poorly printed, tatty or ancient score. The final score will be bound with metal or plastic binding to allow it to fold flat and will be printed on A4 120gsm paper in landscape or portrait formats. Orchestral scores can be printed on 120gsm A3 paper, but costs would obviously be higher for this. On receipt of the original score, a quote will be issued detailing all costs.

A single draft of the score will be sent to the client for proofing, along with an erratum sheet to list transcription errors and a contract.

I do not undertake searches for copyright. All copyright issues are the responsibility of the arranger/composer and if there are any doubts concerning the right of the client to have the score reproduced, I reserve the right to refuse the job.

I will endeavour to give a rapid turn around (less than 7 days for an average sized score) but it is the composer/arranger's responsibility to check the score for inaccuracies before the printing process begins. I am not responsible for incorrect harmonies or poor composition or arranging techniques and, although I am happy to fulfil all reasonable requests, I will not correct the composer/arranger's mistakes without clear instructions, by email or on the erratum sheet, after sight of the draft score.

The following examples are for information only and will vary depending on the client's needs and on the length of the piece.


  setup No of Parts Score bars frames per bar cost per frame Total cost of parts total cost
Trio 17.50 3 23.00 100 3 0.075 11.25 74.25
Quartet 19.00 4 25.00 100 4 0.075 15.00 89.00
Quintet 20.50 5 27.00 100 5 0.075 18.75 103.75
Sextet 22.00 6 29.00 100 6 0.075 22.50 118.50
Septet 23.50 7 31.00 100 7 0.075 26.25 133.25
Octet 25.00 8 33.00 100 8 0.075 30.00 148.00
Nonet 26.50 9 35.00 100 9 0.075 33.75 162.75
Dectet 28.00 10 37.00 100 10 0.075 37.50 177.50
Larger 30.00 15 40.00 100 15 0.100 75.00 295.00

Brass Band (UK)

40.00 19 45.00 100 19 0.100 95.00 370.00
Orchestra 50.00 33 55.00 100 33 0.100 165.00 600.00

Please email me at for further information.