Grumpy Old Man

Monday, 29 June 2015

On Music
On Apathy
On A-nt-i-ci-pa-tion
On Band Wars
On Contests
On Contests 2
On Dogs
On Education
On t'Internet
On The Lottery
On Partners
On Practice
On Practice 2
On Selfishness
On Time
On Whit Walks
Winning Contests

This page is where I will do my sounding off. Each rant will have a link on this page so as not to overwhelm the gentle visitor with too much ranting. I'm going to start with my ramblings from the old Old Hall Site, so if you have read those, be patient until I write the next ones.


Please be aware that these are my personal rantings. They don't represent anything other than me letting off steam at things that annoy me or make me particularly sad about the state of life in this country. They do not represent the views of any band or school which might employ me and they don't necessarily even represent my true feelings - they are merely here to entertain or shock or provoke some thought. Also, if you are easily offended, please do not read. The language I use to express my maunderings is sometimes quite strong, even intemperate, but there is no actual swearing or foul language. Any offense caused is your own fault. You have now been officially warned.


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