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Monday June 29, 2015


Well, What can I say? I've been doing it for over 40 years - music, music, music!


  • I play : I'm a Tuba player. I have played with a number of bands and orchestras over my long years of experience and I'm still at it!


  • I Sing : I have a good range, as I can (when in practice and warmed up)  sing from Bb below the bass staff to A or Bb above the Tenor's treble clef. but I'm probably best described as a PUB - Pushed Up Baritone.


  • I conduct : I will wave a stick, or a hand or a few fingers (depending on what is necessary) at any group that will let me. Currently I am 'studying under'Neil Parkinson, Eagley's MD.


  • I compose : I have written a lot of music and done quite a few arrangements for various ensembles, most of which have been published. My eclectic tastes cover a lot of different styles and genres and you can find some of my work on here as well as my various publishing places on the links page.


  • I Teach : This is the day job. It pays the bills and keeps the wine flowing and I love it. It's what I do. I love the kids. However, I firmly believe that the last people who should have any say in the education of their own children is the parents. They generally have no idea of the wider picture and their interference is one of the factors that is actually harming the education system. The bureaucrats should keep their noses out as well. They know nothing and they are drowning teachers in box-ticking and form filling until we're too tired to teach properly. Most people at that level of 'education' have been out of the classroom for longer than I've been in it and as a result they are quite out of touch.

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