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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Blackpool 2007
Harrogate 2008
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Welcome to my Web site!

This is my new home page, having handed over the Old Hall site to the lads and lasses. I'm hoping to develop my individual style and content, which will include some of my thoughts on the world - rather like a blog; and some of my photos from bands and a fair amount of my music - some as wav/mp3 some as midi and some as pdf.

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Old Hall Brass Christmas Concert 2017

Find my music now on MusicaNeo and check out the Score of the day on the My Music page. Today it's a part of my continuing effort to transcribe Monteverdi's magrigals onto brass. It is no 18 from the 7th Book called "Augellin (Birds).. A better mp3 verison can be found here

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MountainsThis is the state of Old Hall at Blackpool 2007
Harrogate 2008 with Eagley


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